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Addiction Anti-Stigma Video


For too long, substance use, addiction, treatment and recovery were issue that people avoided. Conversations were limited to family members and friends behind closed doors for fear of the stigma associated with the disease of addiction. This video is made up of testimonials from individuals affected by the disease of addiction who shared positive messages for people currently struggling with the disease of addiction, people currently in treatment or recovery, or their family members and individuals who have lost a loved one to the disease.

Produced by Michael Preston. Directed and Edited by Dr. Dave Reiss.

Preselection: Annual Cinema New York City 2017






Paper: 10 ways for Successful Community Student Learning- Paper

Paper Presented at UFVA 2015 - EdMedia & Broadcast Educational Association 2014

Article: Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. Volume 33(3) Fall / automne 2007
Video-based multimedia designs: A research study testing learning effectiveness

Article referenced by Whitham Media Australia:

Lester J. Reiss: Virtual Photography Exhibit

Images from Connecticut College – The Seventies

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AND I've owned 2 1983 Suzuki Tempter GR650X, which are a pretty rare sight in the US.

Here A longer article on the 1983 Suzuki Tempter GR650, "TEMPTED".

Previous project was a 1992 Yamaha SECA II, which has less than 3k miles on it, and had been stored for several years.

A short article on sport touring on my Yamaha SECA II - 1200 miles, 5 states, 1 week on a 600cc cycle.

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