Images from Connecticut College – The Seventies




Before and after my father’s death, I inherited his legacy in many respects. I became a video and film professional, and built a successful business doing digital media production in Washington D.C. After his loss, I would reevaluate my life’s direction and work, and decided to radically change course to pursue a career in teaching.

I started a doctoral program at University of Baltimore after my Dad's death, and picked up some adjunct instructor courses at American U and George Washington University.

Then in 2004 AU hired me on for a 1-year appointment, and I was able to complete my research and dissertation.

While being considered for a Tenure Track job at AU, Towson University up by Baltimore posted a position. The Electronic Media and Film department at Towson U is the most student centered, undergradate focused environment I've ever seen. I can see why my Dad loved Conn College so much with all the undergrads taking over the place every semester.

I'm now in my third year teaching film and video production at Towson University. I use my Dad's images from this site in my teaching, and find my words written on the white board are mainly for me - just like my old man. He'd like my not so little school alot.

Thank you Dad for all you gave to everyone, especially to your sons.

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A virtual photography exhibit of the works by Professor Lester J. Reiss (1933-1999)
Personal writings by his surviving son David Reiss.


(c) 2004, Estate of Lester J. Reiss