Images from Connecticut College – The Seventies




I remember our modest home was filled with his photos. He shot constantly during our first few years at River Ridge Road. As I now pour through his archives I see a serious and organized artist at work. Each roll of film has a folder labeled with film type, date, and notes. His film of choice was Kodak’s TRI-X and PLUS-X. His body of work is a study of many forms: nature, shapes, architecture, people, and our family – all captured with a great eye for detail and composition.

As I explore his files of negatives and prints, I remember what a vibrant place Connecticut College was growing up. It was a place full of good-natured students, beautiful old stone buildings surrounded by nature, and a general buzz from the collective collegiate atmosphere. It is fitting that his images bring me back to a time and place where we thought of the college campus as our back yard. We didn’t live nearby the college; we lived on campus with the students. Down our street was the dorm Emily Abbey house – a progressive communal place where, as kids, we would borrow large cooking trays to sled the hills of the nearby Harkness Park. The students all knew us and welcomed our childhood into their college experience.

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A virtual photography exhibit of the works by Professor Lester J. Reiss (1933-1999)
Personal writings by his surviving son David Reiss.


(c) 2004, Estate of Lester J. Reiss